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Recipes - Wulvven

The “Wulvven” heads and feet will allow you to create some cool anthropomorphic wolf warriors for your collection! We are offering two heads to start – the heroic Amarok and the evil Skoll, as well as a set of feet which will work with either. Here are some recipes you can use to easily make some custom figures with these parts!

Step 1. Choose Your Base Figure

These parts will fit on any “1.0-style” Mythic Legions figure, but for our suggested recipes we use a Templar Knight Legion Builder for the white wolf, Amarok, and a Baron Volligar for the black wolf, Skoll.

Step 2. Paint the Torso and Loin Piece (optional)

For these photos, we have painted the torso pieces and loin pieces. For the Templar, we spray painted them blue as opposed to leaving these parts in the red and white Templar style. For the Baron, we simply added some black paint to where the purple design on those parts were.

This is an optional step! If you are not conformable painting parts, you can certainly display these base figures as is, but these are both simple paint applications that will get your customs closer to what you see in these photos.

Step 3. Add the Head

Like all our heads, the neck opening on these is larger than what you will find on a Mythic Legions figure, so you will need to use something to attach the head to that neck. We recommend a small bit of "Blue Tack". This putty-like substance is easy to use. Simply break a small piece off and put it onto the neck ball. The putty is stretchy and sticky, but you can also easily remove it if needed. Nothing is permanently attached with Blue Tack, so feel free to uses as much as you feel you need. You can always add more or remove extra if you have to! You can find on example of putty that can be used here,


For the white wolf, the head comes in two parts – the head itself and the neck collar. You would remove the neck peg from the Templar and then remove the existing neck collar – they both pop off very easily.  Next, place the neck peg up through the wolf’s fur collar and then peg that neck into the torso. Finally, add the head on top of the neck peg.


You could also use the white wolf head without the fur collar if you prefer the armored collar of the Templar. In that case, simply replace the Templar helmet with the wolf head. The fur is sculpted to sit nicely on top of the armor collar.

For the black wolf head, you simply replace the Baron Volligar helmet with the wolf head. Once again, the fur sits nicely on top of the armor collar in back.


Adjust the amount of Tack as needed to get the heads to sit the way you want on the necks.

Step 4. Add the Feet

You will need to heat the existing Legions figure’s feet to remove them from the ankle peg. This can be done with hot air or hot water. Try using hot air since it is easiest. Use a blow dryer to heat the feet near the ankle for about 30 seconds. This will soften the plastic and allow you to “pop” the feet off the peg. You will be left with the ball peg inside the lower leg of the figure, with a smaller peg sticking out. This is where you will add the wolf foot.

The wolf feet come with hole inside the ankle area that pops onto the Mythic peg. Simply plug them in!  If the fit is too loose, a small dab of blue tack on the foot peg/inside the foot hole should firm that up for you. 

Bonus Ideas!

These examples shown here also use some capes. You can further outfit your Wulvven with some capes and weapons as you see fit for your characters!

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