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Recipes - Squid Head Fred

The painted "Squid Head" heads look great on a Vampire Knight from the Mythic Legions "Advent of Decay" wave, but you could use it on any "2.0" style body.  Some other suggestions would be Malachi Cinderhorn, a Shadow Elf Warrior, or a Shadow Elf Ranger. This recipe uses the Vampire Knight,

Step 1. Paint the Neck

The Vampire Knight comes with a white neck (and the Shadow Elves mentioned above all come with blueish necks).  You will want to paint those to better work with the Brian Fryer head. While you could try to go with a purple to match the head itself, the easiest suggestion is to just paint that neck black and it will match the armor. Almost all the neck is covered by the head anyway, so making it black is a very easy choice (and it is also what was done for the custom in these photos).  

Step 2. Add the Head

The neck opening on this head is a little larger than what you will find on a Mythic Legions figure, so you will need to use something to attach the head to that neck. We recommend a small bit of "Blue Tack". This putty-like substance is easy to use. Simply break a small piece off and put it onto the neck ball. The putty is stretchy and sticky, but you can also easily remove it if needed. Nothing is permanently attached with Blue Tack, so feel free to uses as much as you feel you need. You can always add more or remove extra if you have to! You can buy Blue Tack here.

Pop the head onto the putty-topped neck and the stickiness should keep it in place. Adjust the amount of Tack as needed to get the head to sit the way you want on the neck.

Step 3. Optional - Add Some Extras

Those first two steps alone will give you a cool figure, but if you want to upgrade it a bit to make it look like the photos of the custom that Jeremy "Mythic Customs" Girard did, you will need parts from a few other figures.

The cape used here is a purple cape from a Shadow Elf Ranger. You could also use another cape or even a piece of cloth cut to the shape you want. Since we are using an actual Mythic Legions cape, we added it using the shoulder pauldrons and the holes that are found on the capes.

The "skirt" piece seen here is from a Star Wars Black Series Kylo Ren - specifically the release from "The Force Awakens" series. That figure was "popped apart" at the waist and the skirt piece slips right off.  The top of the skirt was then sliced a bit to provide a better fit and it was placed on top of the hip peg for the figure before the faulds armor and torso were popped back on.

If this process of popping apart a figure and cutting the skirt seems intimidating, you realistically could also use a small piece of black cloth cut to the shape you want for the skirt to achieve a similar effect!

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