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Recipes - Feline Warrior

The “Feline Warrior” head from Emil Wickman was made specifically to fit with Mythic Legions 2.0 bodies and similarly sized figures. Below are some simple recipes you can use to make some very cool new characters with the “black panther” style of this head.

Step 1. Choose Your Base Figure

The panther head works on both male and female bodies. The smaller sculpt works well to create a female feline warrior, but it also works nicely as a slimmer, more lithe male character that contrasts nicely with the larger cats already available in the line.

For female builds, we like this head on either Ravena, Faustia, or the Vampire Legion Builder. Those three figures all have different color schemes, but each of them works really nicely with this black panther.

For male builds, this head looks great on any of the Shadow Elves, a Vampire Knight, or a Steel Knight Legion Builder.

Step 2. Paint the Neck

This step may not necessarily apply to your build, depending on which base figure you have chosen to go with. A black neck, like what is found on the Vampires, works great, as does any neck that is the small color as the figure’s armor since it works as just an extension of the armor itself.  If you choose to use a Shadow Elf, those blue necks will not really work with the black panther, so you will want to paint the neck black. A simple spray paint of black paint or a brush of black should do the trick!

Step 3. Add the Head

Like all our heads, the neck opening on the panther is much larger than what you will find on a Mythic Legions figure, so you will need to use something to attach the head to that neck. We recommend a small bit of "Blue Tack". This putty-like substance is easy to use. Simply break a small piece off and put it onto the neck ball. The putty is stretchy and sticky, but you can also easily remove it if needed. Nothing is permanently attached with Blue Tack, so feel free to uses as much as you feel you need. You can always add more or remove extra if you have to! 

Pop the head onto the putty-topped neck and the stickiness should keep it in place. Adjust the amount of Tack as needed to get the head to sit the way you want on the neck.

Step 4. Add a Tail (optional)

All of the 2.0 style Mythic Legions bodies include a “tail port” on the figure’s pelvis. You may never have even noticed it is there, but if you look you will see these figures have a small plug inserted into this port. This plug will easily come out if you pry it loose.

You will need a cat tail to use here if you choose – and the tails from the Mythic Legions line are a great choice since they pop right into that port! The Cowaross, Purrrplor, and B’alam figures all come with this tail, so if you have any of those figures and have elected to use them in their “non-cat” form, you should have an extra tail. There are also plenty of people who sell these tails since they’ve decided to use these figures not as cats. Simply paint a tail black to match the head and pop it in place! It is does not go right in, use a little heat from a hair dryer on the figure’s pelvis and the tail should easily pop into place.

Bonus Ideas!

These examples are ones that use the “black panther” version of the head since that is the style we will have available as a pre-painted piece, but you could also make some really cool creations by painting the cat head in different styles!

How about a “snow leopard” style look using a base body of Thallyn Frostbow to make a cool arctic warrior!

You could also paint the head in warmer colors and pair it with a Gwendolyn Heavensbrand body to have a golden cat warrior. A warm color palette would also work great as a male using the Lord Aydon or Elf Legion Builder bodies, or even a red color palette to make a “Fury Feline” and pair that style with a Gryshaa the Slytherer or an Elf Legion Builder for that red & gold look!

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