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Recipes - Badgerines

The Badger and Wolverine heads can be used on either a 1.0 or 2.0 style body, but they were designed for a 1.0 dwarf-style figure, so that is what these recipe ideas will focus on.

Step 1. Choose Your Head

Obviously the first step is to decide if you are using the Badger head or the Wolverine – or perhaps you are using both of them! 

Step 2. Select Your Body

As mentioned above, these “badgerine” heads where designed to work best with 1.0 dwarf bodies. You can realistically use them on any of those bodies, but here are some suggestions that we have for combinations we like.

The white and black colors of the Badger look great on a Silver Dwarf Legion Builder, with the blue armor of Jorund Runeshaper, or even on a Boarrior body. Of course, if you use the Boarrior, your figure will have hooved feet, so you will likely also want to swap out those feet for some “regular” ones (more on that near the end of this page). 

The Wolverine’s colors work great with a Cavern Dwarf Legion Builder, a Bromden Ironjaw, or even a Gonxx.

You can see examples all these head/body combinations in the photos on this page.

Step 3. Attach the Head

The neck opening on these head is much larger than what you will find on a Mythic Legions figure, so you will need to use something to attach the head to that neck. We recommend a small bit of "Blue Tack". This putty-like substance is easy to use. Simply break a small piece off and put it onto the neck ball. The putty is stretchy and sticky, but you can also easily remove it if needed. Nothing is permanently attached with Blue Tack, so feel free to uses as much as you feel you need. You can always add more or remove extra if you have to! 

Pop the head onto the putty-topped neck and the stickiness should keep it in place. Adjust the amount of Tack as needed to get the head to sit the way you want on the neck.

Step 4: Outfitting your Badgerines

The weapons you choose to equip your figures with will certainly play a role in the feel of the characters. We like to think the Badger would use blunt force weapons – like a mace or hammer or even the “TeeBee’s Goblin Slaying Sword” that we have as part of our product offerings!


For the Wolverine, we picture him with edged weapons – swords, axes, or of course the cool “Hand Claws” product that we created specifically to go with the Wolverine!

You can certainly arm your badgerines however you choose – or take our suggestions. The choice is yours!


Bonus: Swapping feet on Boarrior

Early on the page we mentioned using the Boarrior figure as a base body for a custom, but needing to “swap out” his feet. This is very easy to do.


The feet and ankles easily pop out of the figure’s lower legs and you can add in some feet/ankles from a different Mythic Legions figure. We suggest using ones that have black armor (like from a Bromden Ironjaw), or painting the feet you add black.  You can then drybrush a little silver paint onto the black feet to achieve a look that is exactly like the Boarrior armor.


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