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Friday Restock: New Parts and More Figure Kits!!!

I'll be doing a restock at 12pm est today 9/15/23

Being sold for the first time individually:

  • Noodle Head Ned

  • Sunie

  • Darleen head and torso

New parts will be:

  • SunGi.... a 2.0 version of the space wolf helmet

  • ROAR egress wrist mount tools.

Painted heads by David Williams. ALL VERY LIMITED

  • Female dwarf,

  • Flying Fox

  • Brother Angus

  • Popeyed half giant.

I'll also be restocking the figure value packs. (remember, all figures get a "handy" gift if they are available)

Limited Edition Red, Blue and Purple resin versions of the woo foo dragon will be the free gift for the first 15 orders.

Free shipping code: "BOOK1" is still active for free domestic shipping on orders over $30

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