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Welcome to Wolf King Customs.

We are incredibly excited to announce the launch of our company, this new website, and our first ever product offering!

First off, what is "Wolf King Customs"?

Wolf King Customs was started by me, Len LaGuardia, as way to expand my action figure collecting and customizing hobby. We are a small company offering 3D-printed add-ons for action figures - mainly Mythic Legions. We are not the first company doing this for this amazing line, and we doubt we will be the last! So what makes us different? I think it is our approach to our offerings.

While all of our products can be used individually to fuel your own custom creations, we know that not everyone is comfortable customizing. Some fans just want a cool figure for their collection without having to paint parts or come up with their own recipes. This is why we create parts that are meant to go together in specific ways, oftentimes using figures that are fairly readily available, to create great looking custom characters. Our recipes are developed by well-known customizers (more on that in a moment) in order to create really great looking figures that you can easily make for yourself with our parts! These recipes are easy to follow with little or even no additional customization work needed.

So whether you want to buy unpainted parts and let your imagination run wild, or simply purchase a pre-painted kit so you can follow some simple steps to add a custom to your display, Wolf King Customs has something for you!

Our Website and Store

This website will serve as the hub for all our projects. You will be able to find a Gallery of our products, suggested Recipes on how they can be used, and of course a way for you to buy them for yourself!

Our "Shop" is where we will offer products for sale. We are not a "print-on-demand" service, so all of our offerings will be done via limited pre-orders. Our plan is to occasionally offer "kits" of parts that go together to create specific characters. These kits will always include a variety of suggested recipes, so even with a single offering you will be able to create a variety of looks and styles! You will be able to buy these pieces individually or as sets in order to save a little on the total package price. Between larger kit releases, we will also offer smaller individual parts and add-ons.

So what do we have for you for our first release? We are very excited to launch Wolf King Customs with the "Legend of the Kitsune" series, a set that we developed in partnership with someone you are likely very familiar with if you are a Mythic Legions fan!

Introducing the Kitsune Series

The "Legend of the Kitsune" series of fox warriors, which you have seen some photos of throughout this post, features two different Kitsune heads, plus a large tail. These sets were actually conceived by Jeremy "Mythic Customs" Girard. Jeremy art-directed this entire project, working with digital sculptor, Walter DeMarco (MASS Customs) to create the sculpture files based on his design direction.

I was initially working with Jeremy simply to modify and print the files for his own personal use, but the pieces came out so wonderfully that I convinced Jeremy to release them to me so we could make them our first release! Not only did Jeremy agree to do this, he went above and beyond by creating a number of paint variations on the parts and multiple easy-to-follow recipes that fans could use with them. I even got him to agree to paint the first run of pre-painted Kitsune parts that we will have available for sale on the site!

Our plan is to start with a limited run of pre-painted heads, as well as combo sets that will include either 1 head and the tail, or a full set with both Kitsune heads and a tail. You will be able to choose from either the "classic orange" color, the "evil black" version, or the "arctic white" style. You can see versions of all of these in this post as well as in the site's Gallery section. The recipes Jeremy has created are also found in that Gallery, showing how easy it is to use these parts to make some Kitsune Rangers and Critters!

Once the pre-painted pre-order is completed, we will also offer these parts unpainted for customizers who want to paint them themselves - and this is just the beginning! We have lots of other great items in the works. Here's a teaser of one of those items below - a hammer topper that plugs right onto the ogre-scale weapons' handle!

Thank you for checking out Wolf King Customs. We hope you are as excited for this new venture as we are and we look forward to sharing some cool add-ons with you soon. Stay tuned for the "Legend of the Kitsune" pre-order happening soon!

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These look GREAT! Looking forward to shopping here!


Anthony Houseal
Anthony Houseal

Can not wait to be able to have these in hand!

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