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Introducing the "Badgerines"

Well, it looks like the “badgerines” are out of the bag! If you’ve seen Jeremy Girard’s posts on his Instagram page these last few days, you’ve undoubtedly discovered the next pieces Wolf King Customs will be offering for sale – these Badgerine heads!

I am excited to be able to offer these super cool heads for sale. Like he did with the Kitsune fox parts, Jeremy commissioned these pieces from Walter DeMarco (MASS Customs) who sculpted them based on his design direction. I then helped Jeremy get them printed for his own use, and he agreed to once again let Wolf King Customs print them for sale to you! Additionally, he has committed to painting a small run of these heads in both the “Badger” deco and the “Wolverine” style. Those will be available for sale alongside the unpainted version of this head in a few weeks! The actual sale date in mid-to-late July will be announced soon. In the meantime, we've already posted a "recipes" page for these heads to give you some ideas on some bodies you can use with these heads to create some cool custom characters.

As if the heads weren't cool enough, we also have some other fun items that will be part of this sale, including those awesome “hand claw” weapons! Those were also sculpted by Walter DeMarco. These pieces are a super fun addition to your figures and they can be used not only by a Wolverine, but they are a nice add-on for a gladiator character or any other savage warrior. They will come in a set of 2 and will also be offered unpainted or as a limited painted run.

I will also have a fun little accessory as part of this sale – TeeBee’s Goblin Slaying Sword. This is a piece that was sculpted by Walter DeMarco (yes, we really worked Walter big for this sale) based on an idea I had. This seemingly unassuming stick is really an awesome weapon of great power – kind of like when you were a kid and you found the perfect stick that was shaped just like a sword! Your parents may have thought it was just a stick, but you knew it was so much more.

For those fans who missed out on the first sale we did for the painted Kitsune parts, the good news is that they will be back as part of this next sale. We will offer a very small number of painted sets, available in either Classic Orange, Evil Black, or Arctic White. This is the second time we’ve offered these painted, so we won’t have too many available for pre-order, but we did want to at least have a few since we’ve heard the requests from fans to make them again.

Finally, you may have also noticed the cool “Coliseum at Woodhaven” logo on the site’s homepage right now. That is a brand we have created for some of our offerings, these badgerines being the first ones. You can always use these heads and all our items as your imagination dictates, but we also thought it would be fun to create a bit of a storyline for the characters we are producing, and since Jeremy writes so many bios for his customs anyway, I asked him to help me set the stage for Woodhaven:

Hidden in the deep wilds of the kingdom there exists a unique community known as Woodhaven. Inhabited by a diverse population of different anthropomorphic races, the residents of Woodhaven coexist peacefully…most of the time. When disagreements do arise, these warriors settle their differences by matching teeth and claw with sword and shield in the arena of honor known as the Coliseum at Woodhaven.

Look for more “Coliseum at Woodhaven” releases in the future – but for now, lookout for the announcement of our exact sale date soon for the badgerines and more!

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sebastien leduc
sebastien leduc
Jul 16, 2020

Thanks so much for making new painted Kitsune available — really hope i can grab at least one of these little fellows!!


Jul 01, 2020


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