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The Swag Shop is now OPEN!

A few weeks ago you may have noticed that we added a new button to the site's menu - "SWAG". Well, the reason behind that addition can now be revealed! I am happy to announce that Wolf King Customs will now be selling some fun swag, including shirts, hoodies, and more for a variety of properties.

To get started, we have a variety of Mythic Legions Cabal designs to offer, including the "Cabal Above All" design from Cirilo Perez Altamirano, and the awesome official Cabal faction logo designed by Nate Baertsch! These products are offered in partnership with the Cabal's founder and leader, Walter Hagen, and they come in a variety of styles! We even have a cool Cabal logo pin!

We will also be offering t-shirts for the LegionsCast podcast, Jeremy Girard's "Mythic Customs" logo, and a Wolf King Customs logo shirt.

All of these products are available for sale right now - and here is what you need to know:

- Orders placed for the next week are pre-orders. They will take about 2 weeks from the time of order to be printed and ready to ship.

- After this pre-order window, we plan to have these shirts as evergreen, in-stock items. This means that, in most cases, an order for swag will be fulfilled within a few days!

Finally, I just wanted to say "thank" you to Walter, Jeremy, and the LegionsCast crew for trusting me and Wolf King Customs to produce these products for them! I've run a screen-printing business for many years (long before I was doing 3D-printed heads and weapons), and it really is awesome to be able to use the expertise I've acquired over the years to produce some awesome new gear to outfit the Cabal and other Legions fans! Of course, if these products are successful, you can expert more fun designs and swag to follow! For now, head over to the Swag Shop and see what's new.

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