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Olmiedius Moon Keele The Dwarvian Sentinal

Olmiedius Moon Keele The Dwarvian Sentinal

SKU: L104

This is a 3D-printed head, Sculpted by  Lord Steven Biesiada for part of the God's Fire Series


Olmiedius Moon Keele Olmiedius started his life toiling in the mines under the mountain like his ancestors before him. Unlike his brethren who loved their work, he longed for the fresh air and outdoors. One day he decided to take his family and head deep into the forest to see what kind of life he could make for himself. It was his one chance at happiness In the wilderness he felt truly alive for the very first time. Although he was not fond of bugs, he had a strong connection with the woodland creatures, especially birds. Before long, while out exploring, he bumped into a young mage named Shilanna. Shilanna befriended Olmiedius and before long trusted him enough to show him her hidden village. Olmiedius and his family fit in immediately with the townsfolk and despite his grumpy disposition he brought smiles to all who had the pleasure of being in his presence. Olmiedius decided to permanently settle down just outside the town along a secret walkway that leads to the village. He and his birds have become the watchful eyes for the village. No one gets near the town without the birds warning Olmiedius of the presence of any visitors. If that person is known to the watchful dwarf he will greet you with warmth, but trespassers who disturb his forest or pose a possible threat to his friends will meet a very grumpy old battle-ready dwarf, with the creatures of the forest at his side, ready to cut any intruder down.


This was sculpted Steven himself! It comes unpainted.


    All heads are 3D printed and ready to painted by you.

    Heads are meant to fit Mythic Legions as well as other figure bodies. You will need a small amount of "blue tack" or other adhesive to secure the head in place.

    Note that this is for 1 unpainted head part only. Any photos of full figures or painted heads are for example purposes.


    As this is a custom printed item, returns are not accepted. If an item does arrive damaged, contact us and we will do what we can to assist.


    This is a IN-STOCK Item

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