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PRE_ORDER: Belualyth (deluxe)

PRE_ORDER: Belualyth (deluxe)



  • The full cost of the item is $64.99.
  • You will be invoiced the remaing $60 prior to the order arriving in our warehouse
  • The JPEG attached is non transferable and has no value.

When Necronominus was recalled to Mythoss,
he did not return alone. Loyal acolytes of the
Lord of Death who had been banished with
him after the First Great War returned as well,
including the ghoulish child of Necronominus
named Belualyth. A beastmaster who
commands a skeletal chimera, the legion of
Turpiculi, as well as other unnatural monsters
that have not been seen in Mythoss since the
First Age, she resumes her role as one of the
generals in her father’s undead army.

Toy Details

  • Released In: 2023 Retailer Appreciation Wave
  • Accessories: Chain with cuffs, ball and chain, orc sword, "wooden" shield with handle
  • Additional Heads: Yes - 3 heads total - zombie head, skull, knight helmet, all in clear blue plastic like the rest of the Hagnon body

Box Contents

Belualyth figure

2 Head sculpts

3 Pairs of hands


Bone cage hanger

Cage with snake

Necro Bird

Necro Dog


  • Figure Specs

    This 6-inch scaled, highly articulated "Mythic Legions" action figure will come in a collector-friendly, standard packaging. Final paints and certain details on the final product may vary slightly from the prototype image shown. All final accessories included may not be shown in the image.

  • Projected Availability

    Production times can vary, this is anticipated Mid 2024

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