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SSKUR'GE Value Bundle

SSKUR'GE Value Bundle

$79.99 Regular Price
$63.99Sale Price


  • This is a mystery parts bundle promo bundle

    Each figure includes multiple unpainted parts to create your own custom creation.

    The figure included is new in box.


Sskur’ge is a brutish thug whose only marketable skills are his incredible strength and nearly impenetrable scaley hide. This Duoderm tracker has made a career out of hunting down fugitives and returning them bruised and battered to those who have placed a price on their heads.

Although not a full-time employee of the Traders Union of the Five Circles of Cosmerrium, Sskur’ge gets most of his work from that organization. This includes a recent bounty on a Bleeder’s Guild spy who uncovered something he shouldn’t have. Chasing the spy to a nearby transportation Outpost, Sskur’ge waits for his quarry to exit the safety of that facility. One swipe of his massive tail and the chase will be over, and he will be on his way to collect his fee for another capture.

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