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Sunie #redactied#: Head Only: For 1.0

Sunie #redactied#: Head Only: For 1.0

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Meet Sunie #redactied#....... Sunie is a member of the planet drop scouting unit ROVER on the interplanetary Marine vessel IPF-Missouri... The Miss is a transport vessel for special operations deployment. As squad commander of the most elite recon unit in the fleet Sunie is the best there is at what they do, and what they do is silent and classified.

Often secluded on ship, ROVER is a mystery to the crew, it's rumored that they are either not human or genetically and biomechanically altered beyond human standards.

Sunie and his squad are NEVER seen without their helmets.

This head was designed by Jorge Zapada.

We designed him to use with the TUSC Science Officer and think he works great with it. The head fits with the neck harness and has full possibility.

This is a 3D-printed head sculpted. It comes unpainted so you can use it in your own custom project. Note that any photos showing painted versions of this head are for example purposes only. No figures are included. This is scaled for a 1.0 body size.



    All heads are 3D printed and ready to painted by you.

    Heads are meant to fit Mythic Legions as well as other figure bodies. You will need a small amount of "blue tack" or other adhesive to secure the head in place.

    Note that this is for 1 unpainted head part only. Any photos of full figures or painted heads are for example purposes.


    As this is a custom printed item, returns are not accepted. If an item does arrive damaged, contact us and we will do what we can to assist.


    This is an in stock item

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