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Sword Scabbard, Unpainted

Sword Scabbard, Unpainted


This is a sword scabbard designed to allow you to insert a standard small sword and plug it into a figure's back.


Note that there are two versions of this scabbard available, with plugs designed for different figure sizes. The "1.0" styel fits the larger figures like knights and orcs, while the "2.0" fits smaller figures like elves, goblins, and females. If you want to use these on a figure with pauldron armor, a "back adapter" must be used. The "2,0" style is the one that fits best in the back adapters.


    All parts are 3D printed and ready to painted by you.

     Any photos of full figures or painted parts are for example purposes.


    As this is a custom printed item, returns are not accepted. If an item does arrive damaged, contact us and we will do what we can to assist.


    This is a PRE-ORDER for this item. All products are expected to ship in approximately 4 weeks.

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