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The DraXon:Unpainted Head

The DraXon:Unpainted Head

SKU: L113

The DraXon are a race of peaceful people... At one with nature they had a serenity with their planet and worked productivity keeping its ecosystem in balance....... That was until the the Empire of the Galactic Hunger arrived. ....

The planet was decimated by Rez-Units and now is being stripped of its resources by the galactic governing branch the Octivites.....

How will the DraXon survive?......

This new DraXon head was made very specifically for Olex Thygar (gravering).... It fits really well and handles the transition from scales to head with a "slave collar". This does limit the articulation of the head but I think the trade off for aesthetics pays off.

This is a UNPAINTED 3D-printed head. It is scaled for Mythic Legions 1.0 body sizes. You will need blue trac to secure head and adjust to the proper height for your project.

Figure not included and any parts shown are not included


    All heads are 3D printed and ready to painted by you.

    Heads are meant to fit Mythic Legions as well as other figure bodies. You will need a small amount of "blue tack" or other adhesive to secure the head in place.

    Note that this is for 1 unpainted head part only. Any photos of full figures or painted heads are for example purposes.


    As this is a custom printed item, returns are not accepted. If an item does arrive damaged, contact us and we will do what we can to assist.


    This is an in stock item. All products are expected to ship in approximately 2-3 days.

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