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Wolf King Customs features 3D printed parts that are meant to help fuel your action figure customizing, regardless of how advanced you are in that hobby!


If you are new to customizing and want some easy projects to work on, you can simply grab a pre-painted set and follow one of our easy recipes to create a very cool custom figure with minimal work!

For those customizers who are more advanced, we also offer our parts unpainted, giving you complete freedom in how you will use them in your custom creations.

While the parts we offer can be used with a variety of action figure lines, they were specifically created to work best with the Mythic Legions line from Four Horsemen Studios.


Ultimately, we are a small company made up of action figure fans and customizers just like you. The parts we offer are all individually designed, printed, and painted by us. We thank you for adding Wolf King Customs products into your collection.

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