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A Look at the "Returning Favorites"

We recently posted that our upcoming sale, which begins THIS Saturday (9/4) at 3pm EST, would have a number of "returning favorites" back for sale again. We had some fans ask if we could be specific as to which parts are coming back, so we threw this image together showing all the items you can expect to return!

That's a pretty insane grouping of parts, isn't it? It includes pieces from all our artists - Emil Wickman, Steven Biesiada, Walter DeMarco, and Jeremy Girard, plus a number of the pieces that I designed and worked on as well. Of course, these will be joined in the sale by a number of brand new pieces being offered for the first time ever!

If you see something you dig in this image, perhaps some parts you passed up previously and regretted not getting, this is your sale to fix that mistake! We do not know when many these older items will return, so grab them now or it could be a long wait until they make it into another sale!

As always, this sale will be a pre-order, and items ordered during the 1-week sale window will ship to buyers in 4-6 weeks. Please be aware of that fulfillment window when placing your orders. Thanks - we hope to see you back here this Saturday!

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