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"Lehigh Valley Card and Toy Con: A Fun-filled Day in Easton, Pennsylvania on May 4th!"

We are extremely excited to announce that Fourhorsemen Studios and Team WKC will be appearing at the Lehigh Valley Card and Toy Con in Easton Pennsylvania one month from today on May 4th.

This marks the first time that @four_horsemen_studios have been at an event in the Lehigh Valley.

This is a street team event hosted by WKC (Len) with the WKC booth being run by team member .

I'm personally excited as this is our "hometown" show and for the first time we can show our area the magic of legions.

We have 4 booths combined to make this event special. Plus giveaway and swag!

So mark your calendars, it's a one day event and I'd personally love to hang out with you

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