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A Wolf King Welcome to the Mezco Crowd

Our upcoming December 5th sale is the first one we've done that has parts specifically geared towards the Mezco One:12 Collective community. While we are not new to Mezco (trust me, we've been bitten by the Gomez bug in a big way), we know that Wolf King may be unfamiliar to that community. That being the case, I wanted to post a quick "welcome" to those collectors and provide some basic information about my company and our offerings.

First off, while Wolf King may be new to you, we have been doing this for awhile. I've been 3D-printing parts for my own use for a few years and Wolf King Customs has been running successful sales geared towards the Mythic Legions community for nearly a year. We have a stellar reputation in that community for a quality product and for pre-orders that are delivered in a timely manner. We offer unpainted 3D-printed parts that customizers can use for their creations. We also always strive to offer limited amounts of painted versions of our parts, which are painted by some incredible customizers. These pieces are ready to pop onto your figure and enjoy if you do not want to paint them yourself!

While most of our sales are done as pre-orders, our December 5th sale will be an "In Stock" offering. That means that everything we will be selling is already printed (and painted if applicable) and will begin shipping a week after the sale. Quantities will be limited to what is on hand and ready to go!

So what will we have for sale that may be of interest to Mezco fans? First off we will have the awesome "Crawdaddy" head, which you can use to make a Mobster Lobster, a cursed Lovecraftian Villager (like from the Doc Noc comic), or as an alternate head for Baron Bends. This is a brand new item we've never offered before and we will have it both painted and unpainted (limited quantities of both).

Our next brand new item is a samurai-style "straw" hat that is a perfect addition to Lone Roach, Golden Dragon Gomez, or your Gold Skull Ninja. Once again, it will be available in limited numbers of both painted and unpainted pieces.

Since this "In Stock" sale is primarily focused on items we've offered previously, we will also have a bunch of parts we've sold before. These include our popular "Squid Head" character. Once again, this can be used as an alternate head for Baron Bends or to create a cursed fisherman. For this sale, he will only be offered unpainted.

One final piece to be on the lookout for is our most popular offering - the Kitsune fox head. The "normal" version of this head is a great addition to a custom One:12 Collective style samurai custom! Again, this part will be unpainted only in this sale.

A few final things to know about our sales and products:

  • Like all 3D-printed pieces, our items should be handled with care. They are solid, but not the same as factory-produced toys. Similarly, any custom paint jobs are sealed for protection, but should be treated with care.

  • None of our heads are "snap fit". The neck openings are all made larger than Mezco or Legions figures. This allows them to be used in a variety of ways and it prevents breakage due to having to force an item in place. To "secure" the head, we suggest a small amount of "blue tack" poster putty or something similar. This will allow the head to retain movement and be held in place.

  • While this upcoming sale is "In Stock" items, our normal sales are done as pre-orders with a delivery window of 4-6 weeks after the sale is done. We have delivered every one of our sales within that window, usually 1-2 weeks early. When you buy from us, you will get your items in a timely manner.

  • Our sales normally last about 1 week, which is how long the "In Stock" will run. They always begin on a Saturday at 3pm EST.

  • During a normal sale, unpainted pieces are never limited. Painted pieces are always limited and often sell out. For the December 5th sale, all parts will be limited to what is on hand and ready to ship.

  • To ensure we can fill our current orders in a timely manner, we unfortunately cannot do special orders for items we've sold in the past - BUT we often bring those parts back to ensure fans who want them can get them at some point! Sign up for newsletter updates to find out when our latest items are offered!

Still reading? Awesome! Thanks for sticking with me and for your interest in Wolf King Customs! Besides this website, you can also find me on many of the Mezco Facebook groups (Len LaGuardia). One of our featured artists, Jeremy "Mythic Customs" Girard, is also active in those groups. Jeremy painted all the items shown in this post and will be painting the Crawdaddy heads and the straw hats available in our sale.

Welcome to Wolf King Customs. I can't wait for you to check these products out and add them to your own collections! See you on Saturday, December 5th!

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