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...And Out Come the Wolves

Werewolves have long been one of the most requested custom add-ons for Mythic Legions, so it was only a matter of time before we listened to the howls and released some wolves. Heck, our company name is Wolf King! How could we not do wolves!

There are many ways that we could've done wolves, and we know that everyone has their preferred kind of werewolf-style design. For our take, we wanted to go with more of an anthropomorphic style, which makes sense since "animal heads" have kind of become part of our signature offerings. In fact, these parts (which we call the Wulvven) were created by the same team behind our previous anthropomorphic releases - Jeremy "Mythic Customs" Girard and Walter "MASS Customs" DeMarco.

Walter sculpted these wonderful pieces based off of Jeremy's ideas and art direction. Jeremy then painted these prototype pieces and created some awesome characters and really easy to follow recipes for the Wulvven. So what will we be offering?

First off we will have the heroic Wulvven known as Amarok Ghostfang. This head is actually a two part piece - including the head and a neck collar. You can use the two parts together without a Mythic Legions neck collar, or you can just use the head with the neck collar and the fur of the head sits nicely on that piece!

Second we have the villain of the story, the terrible Skoll Suneater. This Wulvven warrior features a wicked grin and a scar over his right eye, evidence of some battle long since past!

For both of these heads, we have also made a set of wolf-style feet that you can use to further build out your custom Wulvven! You could of course use these feet for other monstrous customs you may be working on as well.

All of these pieces will be sold as unpainted parts - and we will have a limited number of both heads AND the feet painted by Jeremy Girard! They will be offered in both the Amarok and the Skoll styles seen on this page. Check out our recipes page for the Wulvven to see some of Jeremy's suggested recipes for these parts. Even if you are not a customizer, you can easily use these painted parts and some existing Legions figures which are readily available to build your own Amarok and Skoll figures!

Stay tuned for one more set of reveals from our Monstrous October sale! Are you excited yet?

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