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Announcing the Date of the Artists' Sale, Plus a Few More Reveals!

If you've been following our updates and reveals, you've certainly seen us refer to our "upcoming" Artists' Sale. I had held back the date of the sale itself because I was honestly not sure when it would be. Trying to coordinate all these new parts, and roping in new artists to paint some pieces to offer, made for lots of variables to juggle and I wanted to make sure we had everything set before the actual sale date was revealed. Well, we are set, which means I can finally announce the sale for next Saturday, August 29th!

The sale will begin at 3pm EST and it will run for 1 week, ending on Saturday, September 5th at 3:00pm EST.

So what will this sale include? We will have unpainted versions of multiple heads from Emil Wickman, including his Monocle Dwarf and Warrior Dwarf, plus his Lord of the Vampires and the Angry Orc. We also have 1 more piece from Emil which he will debut this coming week!

Walter DeMarco of MASS Customs will also have original parts in this auction, including his awesome Dwarf / Viking head and his Mark III Marine head (more on that shortly)!

Knowing that not all fans want unpainted heads, we will also be offering a limited number of painted options for these heads, including some exciting new painters who will be working with Wolf King Customs. These painted parts will include the 4 "angry orc" variants we showed this week, plus not one, but TWO painted options of the Marine, both from Jeremy "Mythic Customs" Girard. We also have a few other painted surprises that we have yet to reveal.

The first painted version of the Marine head is the standard look, painted with blacks and silver, as well as some purple highlights to match the Baron Volligar figure.

We will also offer a second version of this head - the "Skull Face" variant, painted to look as if this dark warrior painted his helmet with a deadly visage in order to strike fear into those who were foolish enough to stand against him on the field of battle! You can see examples of that paint variant below.

How awesome is all that - BUT WE'RE NOT DONE YET! Check back next week for our very cool final reveals, all of which will be part of the August 29th "Artists' Sale" from Wolf King Customs.

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Will Mass Customs' "Elven Bow" be offered as well? Nobody else seems to be doing any bows, so that would be an exclusive piece that could be offered.

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