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Artists' Reveal #1 - Emil's "Monocle" Dwarf

I am thrilled to be able to share the first reveal in what we have dubbed our "Artists sale" - a new dwarf head sculpted by Emil Wickman!

I know a ton of Mythic fans love the dwarves. I am one of them! So when Emil started working with Wolf King Customs, I asked him if he could sculpt a few dwarf heads - and goodness did he deliver! This head was the first dwarf he finished, complete with his monocle. I started calling it the "Accountant Dwarf" and I imagined him charged with keeping meticulous records of the dwarven kingdom's treasures. Emil popped this head on a Templar body he bashed together (yes, these wonderful photos feature not only Emil's sculpture work, but his jaw-dropping paint as well!), so you can see that this guy can also serve really well as a battlefield dwarf or however you want to use him!

This is just the beginning! We have lots more fun reveals and surprises in store for you as part of our Artists' Sale. Details on the sale itself will be coming down the road, but for now we wanted to at least start sharing these amazing images instead of keeping them all to ourselves. Stay tuned for more...

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Jul 28, 2020

Looks AMAZING!!!

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