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Artists' Reveal #2 - Emil's "Lord of the Vampires"

The second reveal in our upcoming Artists' Sale is another stunning piece from Emil Wickman - his Lord of the Vampires!

According to Emil - "I have always envisioned the leader of my Vampire horde to be this ancient, powerful, wise and calm being. But in the heat of battle even this lord of the night can be driven into a furious rage."

This new head is a great companion piece to the "Ancient Vampire" head of Emil's that we offered in a previous sale (don't worry if you missed that one, it will be offered again in the future). It will also allow you to add a pretty crazy looking bloodsucker to your vampire ranks!

Once again, this head will be offered in an upcoming sale. Stay tuned for more details on that sale, but in the meantime we have lots more fun reveals left to unveil!

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