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Artists' Reveal #3 - Welcoming Walter DeMarco of MASS Customs!

We have another cool reveal and some exciting news today - the original work of Walter DeMarco, also known as MASS Customs, is coming to Wolf King Customs!

We have already featured Walter's amazing sculpting work in our sales. He was responsible for sculpting the Kitsune and Badgerine parts we've offered, and he also did a considerable amount of touch-up work on some of the weapons we've had for sale. Those were all commissioned pieces that we partnered with Walter on, however this artist also creates many original pieces of his own design! MASS Custom has sold these in the past on Shapeways, but I am thrilled that he has decided to partner with Wolf King to make some of those parts available to a wider audience AND to offer some brand new parts in the future that have never been available elsewhere!

We will have a few of Walter's original pieces for sale in our upcoming Artists' Sale, one of which will be his awesome Mark III Marine helmet!

Please join me in giving a warm Wolf King welcome to Walter DeMarco! Look for more reveals of his work, and other surprises, to be announced for our Artists' Sale soon!

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05 août 2020

Welcome, Walter!!!

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