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Artists' Reveal #6 - Walter DeMarco's Dwarf / Viking Head

We've already revealed a few incredible dwarf heads from Emil Wickman that will be part of our upcoming Artists' Sale, but we still have more dwarven awesomeness to show, this time from Walter DeMarco of MASS Customs. We are happy to announce that Walter's Dwarf / Viking head will be part of this sale as well!

This head is one that Walter has sold in the past via his Shapeways shop, but it has been updated for Wolf King Customs where it will be made available with an improved print quality and a lower price, making it available to more fans.

One of the things I love about this head is that it provides some versatility in how it can be used. It works really well as a Dwarf, but add it to a Barbarian-style body and it also serves as a wonderful Viking head! I expect we will see both dwarven warrior and viking raider customs made using this piece.

Will we offer this piece painted as well as unpainted? We sure will! We remain committed to offering painted versions of our products whenever possible, knowing that not all figure fans want to paint these parts! Some people just want a cool head that is ready to pop onto a base figure to create their new character. Look for some exciting details about the painted version of this head, and more cool reveals, soon.

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Aug 14, 2020

Looks great!

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