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Artists' Reveal #7A - Angry Orc in "Classic Green", Painted by Steven Bushotee

When we revealed the new "angry orc" head from Emil Wickman a few days ago, we teased the fact that we would be offering some painted versions of that head in our upcoming Artists' Sale. Today we show off one of those versions, and we are excited to announce the addition of a new artist who will be painting some parts for Wolf King Customs - Steven Biesiada, aka Steven Bustotee of the popular podcasts My Wife Is Going to Kill Me, Legions Cast, and Podcasters of the Universe. Steven took some time off from his busy podcasting schedule to paint these heads for us, and we are thrilled that he did so and super happy to have him on board as a new artist!

The head shown in these photos was actually an early prototype print which was sent to the painters so they could get a feel for the piece and take some photos of their paint job for these promo purposes. The final model is even better and more detailed that what you see here!

Like all our painted offerings, there will be a limited number of Steven's green angry orc heads available as part of the upcoming Artists' Sale. Oh...and you may notice that this post is titled "Reveal 7A", eluding to the fact that there are more painted reveals of this orc head to come. There sure are...stay tuned!

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