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Artists' Reveal #7B - "Furious Red" Orc from Jeremy Girard

We have another painted head reveal for the "angry orc" head from Emil Wickman - this time painted in "Furious Red" by none other than Jeremy "Mythic Customs" Girard!

This color option will join the "Classic Green" we showed off in our previous post, giving you some variety in how you may want to use this head for a custom!

The pictures here show this painted head on a "Fury Clan Orc" figure. That awesome figure is actually still available for pre-order from BigBadToyStore, so if you do not have an extra red-skinned orc in your collection and you dig this painted version of the head, pre-order one of those now. To recreate this custom look, all you will really need to do is pop one of the painted heads on that body and you will have some cool variety in your Fury Clan.

The head shown in these photos was actually an early prototype print which was sent to the painters so they could get a feel for the piece and take some photos of their paint job for these promo purposes. The final model is even better and more detailed that what you see here!

Like all our painted offerings, there will be a limited number of Jeremy's orc heads available as part of the upcoming Artists' Sale. Are there more colors to reveal for this angry orc head? There sure are, along with another cool surprise!

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sebastien leduc
sebastien leduc
Aug 17, 2020

Very excited about us being able to purchase painted - thanks cause these look great!

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