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Artists' Reveal #7C - "Cool Blue" and "Powerful Purple" Orcs from Dustin Yoak

Today we have TWO awesome orc color variant reveals - and to make these reveals even cooler, we also have the introduction of a new artist who we are thrilled will be working with Wolf King Customs! The first of these reveals is the "Cool Blue" color version of our "angry orc", which was painted by Dustin "Master of the Thundernerds" Yoak.

I've personally known Dustin for awhile now and I've always admired his painting skills, so I was excited when he agreed to paint some parts of Wolf King! Introducing him as part of our upcoming "Artists' Sale" made perfect sense, and the first piece we will have from him is his take on Emil Wickman's orc head, painted to match the blue skin tones of the Kronnaw figure.

This figure is a figure that is still available for preorder from many places online, so you can recreate the look shown in these photos and give yourself a really easy custom figure simply by adding one of Dustin's heads onto a Kronnaw body.

Well. we didn't just want Dustin to paint one version for this sale, so we asked him to also paint an orc head to match the purple skin tone of the Purrrplor figure. This figure is also still available for order from a number of online sources, this custom recipe is one you can easily follow to recreate this look.

Like all our painted offerings, there will be a limited number of Dustin's purple and blue orc heads available as part of the upcoming Artists' Sale.

So there you have it - 4 awesome angry orc head color variants to choose from. All 4 of these will be offered in the sale along with the unpainted version of this head. Which one will you grab, or will you pick up multiple painted heads and really build out your orc armies! I personally think this head looks amazing in all 4 of the color variants the painters have created, and I know that I couldn't decide on just one or even just two if I had to do so!

Keep your eyes on this site for even MORE reveals and surprises coming for our Artists' Sale, as well as an announcement of when the sale itself will be!

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