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Artists' Reveal #8 - "Happy Dwarf" from Emil Wickman

We've seen lots of different kinds of dwarf heads used with Mythic Legions, including the three that we've already shown being a part of our Artists' Sale. All of those previous dwarf heads have been either stoic or battle-ready, but we've never seen a dwarf that has a bit of a lighter, more jovial expression - until now! Introducing the "Happy Dwarf" head from Emil Wickman. The photos below even show Emil's amazing paint work on a prototype of this piece!

As soon as I saw this head, it immediately became my favorite of Emil's dwarf sculptures. As amazing as all his work is, this smiling dwarf, looking like he has perhaps enjoyed just a few too many tankards of ale, was so unique that I knew that Mythic fans would love the chance to add him to their collections!

This dwarf head will join the other reveals we have shown so far for the Artists' Sale that begins this Saturday, 8/29 at 3pm EST. It will be offered as an unpainted head. Will there also be painted versions offered? Look for that announcement very soon!

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Aug 24, 2020

Love the smiling dwarf head! Way to go, Emil!

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