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Artists' Sale Tomorrow - Final Details

The day is finally almost here! Tomorrow at 3pm EST is our Artists' Sale! I've personally been working with some of these pieces for months now getting them ready for print, so for me this sale feels like it has been a long time coming! Couple that with all the incredible reveals of both parts and painters that we've been teasing over the past few weeks and I know you are all as excited as I am for this sale! Here's some final details:

- We will be offering all these parts unpainted, including 3 dwarves from Emil Wickman (Monocle, Stoic, and Happy), his "angry orc", and his Lord of the Vampires. Emil even showed a very cool animation this week of how his previously offered Vampire Lord head "transforms" into this crazy, open-mouthed version!

From Walter DeMarco / MASS Customs we will have unpainted versions of his Mark III Marine head and his Viking Raider/Dwarf Warrior.

In addition to these unpainted parts, we will be offering limited quantities of painted versions of every one of these heads except for the vampire (more on that shortly).

Steven Bushotee will be painting the "angry orc" in green, and Dustin Yoak will be doing this same sculpture in blue and purple to match the Kronnaw and Purrrplor figures. Jeremy "Mythic Customs" Girard will be doing a 4th version of the orc, his in Furious Red, as well as 2 versions of the Mark III Marine helmet. Finally, Chris "Hobby Lobby" Middlecamp will be painting the MASS Customs Viking/Dwarf, as well as all 3 of Emil's dwarves. You can see pictures of these in our previous reveals as well as above - well, most of these at least! The painted "Stoic Dwarf" from Emil will actually be a bit of a surprise. It is being offered as a "blind box" style painted piece to add a little fun to the item. With a sculpture by Emil and paints from Hobby Lobby, you know it will be amazing!

Once again, these painted pieces are limited, so if you want one, get into the sale early.

So what about the Lord of the Vampires? Why is he not being offered painted? Well, we wanted to do something special for that - so we are actually having a run of them painted by Emil Wickman himself! That's right, the artist who created the sculpture will also be doing the paints for a small run. The challenge, of course, is that Emil lives in Sweden, so it was not possible to get these to him and get them back in time for the Artists' Sale. So we will offer unpainted vampires tomorrow, and Emil's painted run will be part of an upcoming sale! In fact, that vampire will join some other creatures of the night in our Monstrous October Sale! Stay tuned for more details on that soon...but before then, we hope to see you back here tomorrow for our Artists' Sale starting at 3pm EST!

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