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December In-Stock Sale, Plus Christmas Surprises!

Last December, we did an "In Stock" sale, offering a wide range of items from our catalog that were already printed and ready to ship. It ended up being a very popular sale for our fans, who were excited to grab some new custom pieces knowing that they would be shipping almost immediately. Well, here we are a year later and our catalog has grown considerably! We figured we had so much fun with the sales we had last year, that the fact that we have more parts to offer now just means we will have more fun!

Starting this Saturday, 12/11, we will run our IN STOCK sale. Items offered will be from our range of artists, including Emil Wickman, Steve Biesiada, Walter DeMarco, Gianluca Circiello, Jeremy Girard, and myself. Our plan is to process these orders almost daily and get them shipped fast - so if you have been waiting to pick up some of our parts, this is a great time to do so! This is easily the BIGGEST sale of items we've ever done, with nearly our ENTIRE catalog of parts up for sale!

Now, while we are thrilled to open the catalog and offer so many amazing, previously-released parts, we did also want to add a few new items into the mix. Since it is the holiday season, we also wanted these parts to be in the spirt of that season, so we have some fun Christmasy goodies for you to enjoy!

First off is a variation on Jeremy's hugely popular "mice kits". This month we will have one of those mouse heads complete with a Santa hat on! We call him the "Chris-mouse". We will be offering it in a kit with the hands and a new pair of booted feet! For this sale, the individual parts will not be offered.

Next, we have the Sninch! This mischievous goblin-like creature steals any holiday ephemera that he can find - from candy canes and holiday lights to presents and entire trees, the holday is not safe if the Sninch is around! This head works well on a 1.0 body (we like it on Bryophytus) or on a smaller 2.0 goblin. Both options can be seen here on customs created by Jeremy.

Both of these new parts will be offered unpainted only. We normally love to offer painted options, but we want to get these out fast, and since painting takes time, we fear that would take too long on these - so unpainted only on the Chris-mouse and the Sninch!

Thank you all for making 2021 an amazing year for Team Wolf King. We cannot wait to show you what we have planned for 2022, but first - it is IN STOCK sale time, this Saturday (12/11) starting at 3pm EST. We ho-ho-hope to see you then!

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