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Details on our July 10th Sale!

Team Wolf King has been hard at work getting ready for our next sale, which is slated for Saturday, July 10th at 3pm EST (note - Jeremy recently said the sale was July 3rd during an appearance on LegionsCast, but we decided to push it back a week to give us more time to wrap up a few additional models)! We have a awesome assortment of artist-created parts covering a wide range of character and product types. We will have custom heads, torsos, feet, weapons, and accessories as part of this sale. Truly, it is one of the most varied sets of offerings we've ever debuted at one time!

Now, one thing to be aware of with this next sale - ALL items will be limited in quantity! To maintain the production schedule we have set for ourselves for the rest of the year, we need to keep the parts from this next sale to a very specific number. That means that we will be setting quantity limits on both painted AND unpainted parts. While we fully expect that most of these parts that are making their debut in this sale will return down the road, if you want to be among the first fans to get your hands on these new pieces, you will want to hit the sale early and grab your goodies!

So what kinds of items will we have available? The image below shows just a few of these parts, including some new pieces from the "Secrets of the Lamp" series from Jeremy Girard and Walter DeMarco, one of Walter's custom dwarf heads (beard armor!), a new ogre-scale character named Momo from Emil Wickman and Steve Biesiada, and "Humerus" the skeleton jester - a piece I designed and which was sculpted by Gian_Art. This is just the beginning! We will have whole bunch of additional reveals for you over the coming week and a half as we get closer to sale day.

In addition to all these NEW parts, you can also expect us to dig into the Wolf Den and bring back some of our popular older pieces to give fans another chance at them! Once again, the sale starts on Saturday 7/10 at 3pm EST - we hope to see you there!

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