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Final Reveals and Details of the Monstrous October Sale

We are very excited for our upcoming sale! The "Monstrous October" sale kicks off on Halloween - Saturday, Oct 31 at 3pm EST. The sale will run for about 1 week, but remember that some of the items for sale are limited (namely the painted pieces), so if you want to make sure you get your painted parts, we always suggest you hit the sale early!

In the image above, you can see what we have shown so far - the Frankenstein and Goblin Tinker heads, the first two releases from the "God's Fire" series of Templars, and the awesome Wulvven warriors! Those parts alone make for an amazing sale, right? Well, we're not done yet! We said October was MONSTROUS and we meant it! Joining those already revealed parts we will have the following:

The "Baron Chorazin" Demon Lord head that was sculpted by Walter DeMarco / MASS Customs. This head is really unique and it will look great on a red-skinned Fury Orc or many other Legions figures. We will be offering it unpainted, and we will have a limited number of painted pieces from Chris "Hobby Lobby" Middlecamp.

Next, we will have some cool weapons and accessories in this sale, including a mix of new parts and some previously released pieces. In terms of new pieces, we will have an ogre-scale spiked ball and chain available both as an unpainted set and as a limited painted version from Jeremy Girard. This set attaches to an existing ogre weapon handle. The set will come unassembled. You will need to attach the chain weapon to the ball and the handle topper. This is super easy to do with a pair of pliers. (Note: painted pic below is one I painted as an example).

Next we have the awesome vampire slaying hammer weapon! This Wolf King original is a great addition to your vampire hunters or Templars. The sculpture features a cool "fist" holding a stake - perfect for dispatching bloodsuckers and cracking skulls! This will be offered unpainted and we will have some painted ones by Joe Vasapollo!

One really fun part we will have is a piece we created with our friends from the My Wife Is Going to Kill Me Podcast - a wicked cleaver weapon designed by Pete McCarthy and drawn by Steven Biesiada. That design was then sculpted by Walter DeMarco! This weapon features the MWIGTKM logo on the handle and cut right into the blade. It will be offered as a painted piece from Dustin "Masters of the Thundernerds" Yoak!

In terms of previously released parts, our popular set of 3 daggers will be available once again *(unpainted only) and we will have a limited number of sword scabbards, also painted by Dustin Yoak. This is the first time we've ever offered this part painted, so this is a great chance to grab this piece if you like your Wolf King parts painted! It will come in black (sized for 2.0) and brown (sized for 1.0).

Finally, one correction from a previous post - the Goblin Tinker head will ONLY be offered unpainted for this sale. We do plan to have some painted versions from Chris Middlecamp available in a future sale, however!

So there you have it! The full lineup that will be for sale this Saturday for the Monstrous October sale! As always this is a pre-order sale, and we expect items to be ready to ship in 4-6 weeks. The sale starts at 3pm EST and will last about a week. Quantities of painted parts are always limited and subject to selling out, so if you want painted parts - hit the sale early. The sale is planned to run for about a week. Check back here or follow us on Instagram or Facebook for updates!

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