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In Stock Flash Sale - Including WKchest Plates!

Wolf King Customs is dropping a "flash sale" today at 3pm EST, and we have some very cool news that is part of this sale!

First off, if you've seen the buzz about the "removable chest plates" on the new Mythic Legions Illythia wave figures (Vallak, Krotos, Lord Bardric, Baron Volligar), you may also have seen that Wolf King Customs has been leading the way showing off some cool replacement plates for these torso! We call them WKchest Plates!

What is great about these new torsos is that you can use one of our plates to transform the look of the torso, but since the neck, arms, and waist ports are still the factory part, you get a perfect fit with Legions figures! We have 6 new plates to start with from both Len LaGuardia and Emil Wickman!

Besides these WKchest Plates, we also have 2 new heads from Emil Wickman and a TON of older items being added to the sale - and best of all, ALL these items are IN STOCK now, even the new chest plates and items! All orders placed in this flash sale will ship within a week. So this is NOT a preorder! We will have limited amounts of all items listed for sale since everything posted with be in stock inventory!

Thanks for all your support of Team Wolf King. We cannot wait to see what you do with these new chest plates - and this is just the beginning. Our team has lots of other ideas in store that we are very exicted to share in future sales.

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Jesse Arnold
Jesse Arnold
Jul 25, 2022

Incredible!! Can’t wait to check it all out!

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