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In Stock Sale Ends Friday (12/31/21)!

Our current "In Stock" sale has been a ton of fun - and the feedback we have gotten from fans who have enjoyed having access to our wide catalog of parts and getting these items shipped to them FAST has been amazing. Needless to say, we hope to do more of these types of sales in the future.

Alas, all good things must come to an end. We are working on a sale drop of brand NEW items for January, so to be able to fully focus on that, our current sale will come to a close this Friday, 12/31/21 at 8pm EST. Remember, all the items in this sale are indeed in stock items and we will ship them quickly!

As a final "Thank You" for all the support for Team Wolf King in 2021, we are adding a FREE SHIPPING code for the final day of sales! There are some limitations, however:

  • Free shipping is for US orders only. Sorry - we love our International customers, but overseas shipping is brutal, and we cannot reasonably offer no-cost shipping outside of the US (for any International orders placed on 12/31, however, we will add some free gifts to the order to make up for this)

  • Orders must be at least $35 in products to qualify for the free shipping deal.

  • The code to use to claim your free shipping is "Newyears". Add your items to your cart and enter this code upon checkout to get the free shipping.

Once again, thank you for an amazing 2021. If you caught Team Wolf King on our "Holiday Special and Reveal Extravaganza" show, you saw a few peeks at some of the items we are working on for 2022 (some of which will be in our January sale!), but trust us when we tell you that those reveals were just a small taste of what we have coming in 2022 to help you further enjoy your Mythic and Cosmic Legions collections!

Happy New Year!!!

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