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It's Alive!!!

If you've been following this week's posts from Jeremy Girard / Mythic Customs, you should have seen some of the first full reveals from this month's Monstrous October sale - the ogre-scale Frankenstein Monster head and the Goblin Tinker head!

The Goblin Tinker, who is sitting in for Dr. Frankenstein in Jeremy's pictures, was sculpted by the amazingly talented Emil Wickman. It is a wonderful head with a ton of character in the sculpture! It will fit on any Mythic Legions Goblin body, but we think it looks perfect on Thumpp!

This head will be available as an unpainted piece, and we will have a limited number of painted versions available as well! It will be painted by Chris "Hobby Lobby" Middlecamp.

(Note - the pics above were not painted by Chris - they are from Jeremy. Chris' paints which will be for sale will be revealed soon)

The Frankenstein Monster head is a Wolf King Customs original and it is made to go on an ogre-scale body. We are showing it in classic green on an Ogre Legion Builder, but you could easily paint this piece to match either the Argemedes body or the Bolthor the Tower and it would look great! Hell, since the monster is supposed to be cobbled together, you could actually paint it any color you want and it would work for this character!

The Frankenstein Monster head will be available as an unpainted part, and we will also have a limited number of painted pieces which will feature the work of a new painter to Wolf King Customs - Joe Vasapollo! Joe is an incredibly talented customizer whose works has been featured at the first two Gcon events, LegionsCon, and on the Four Horsemen's website. We are thrilled and honored to add Joe to the ranks of painters working with Wolf King! (Again - the paints above are from Jeremy. Joe's version fro sale will be revealed soon).

These piece are just the start of the reveals for our October 31st sale! Stay tuned for much more to come - and get ready for Halloween when this sale begins!

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