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"WKC at MUSKECON: A Must-See Event on March 16th"

Mark your calendars and come and see us March 16th at Musckcon! At the Vandyke center located at 460 W Western Ave., Muskegon.

Take the whole family to this super affordable show that will have the largest legions presence in the Midwest.

Jesse and Curtis @art_by_akerman will be there with a full spread of wolf king goodies. Not a dumbed down inventory, our full show set up all for you to enjoy. plus team WKC @steves_art_and_toys

Will be there signing headshots and selling his Amazon painted parts.

But there is more...... There is a Friday night mythic Meetup at the venue to meet and hang out with other mythic fans and......

Also from the mythic world....

  • @karvarkustoms with his INCREDIBLE lights, dios and new Char bot...

  • @em_customparts with his amazing painted heads,

  • @dangstudios with mythic art, coloring books and more,

  • Drunk Gizmo Customs and his incredible fountains,

  • Retro Rags Limited with official 4hm studios swag

....and various vendors selling mythic and cosmic legions.....

Oh....and of course...@four_horsemen_studios will be there with the best prices on the hottest figs short of pre-order!!!!!... Meet some studio members too!!

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