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Lots of Sale Updates!

I have a whole bunch of cool updates for everyone today, starting with information on the most recent sale with the heads from Emil and the "Squid Head" pieces.

Orders from that recent sale are starting to ship out now! We offered both unpainted and painted pieces in that sale. The painted pieces are being worked on right now, and you can see some of the pictures that Jeremy Girard sent me of these in progress. I expect to have those painted pieces back in my hands in a little over a week and then they will ship to customers. In the meantime, orders that ordered ONLY unpainted pieces will be shipping first. We had a ton of orders in this last sale (thank you for that support!), so splitting them up like this actually makes it a bit easier on me and my shipping crew (meaning my family).

As for our next sale, I can finally announce that it will kick off on Saturday 7/18 at 3pm EDT! This is the sale that will feature the "badgerine" heads. As we covered in our previous update, these will be available in the sale as unpainted prints, and there will also be a limited number of painted pieces available in both the "badger" style and the "wolverine". Joining the badgerines will be the cool hand claw accessories and the stick sword, as well as a limited number of painted Kitsune sets. All of these pieces were sculpted by Walter DeMarco of MASS Customs.

Also joining those aforementioned pieces in the 7/18 sale is a head from Emil Wickman that was just revealed - the Feline Warrior head! Emil sculpted this feline head to fit on a Mythic Legions 2.0 frame so it would look great on the female bodies as well as the thinner male bodies. It works wonderfully as a companion piece to the cat heads released in line already, as well as the super cool 3D cat sculptures from Seba and Juli at (if you haven't checked them out, be sure to do so - they do amazing work!).

This head will be available as an unpainted print, and we will also offer a limited number of painted pieces done in the "black panther" style you see on this page. We've also added a new "recipes" page for this head showing some examples of how you can use this head on some existing figures to make some really cool new characters.

So mark your calendars for 7/18 at 3pm EDT for the start of the sale! As always, the plan is to run the sale for 1 week. Unpainted pieces will not be limited, but painted pieces are always limited, so if you want painted parts, we suggest you get in early - and rest assured that we have not yet revealed everything that will be offered! We still have a few small surprises up our sleeves. Thank you for your support - we hope to see you here on 7/18 and we can't wait to see all the pictures and customs once everyone starts getting in the parts from our last sale!

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