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Meet the Lochwoggles from the "Swamps of Woodhaven"

I am excited to share the first full reveals from our upcoming “Sneak Peek” sale – our “Lochwoggle” parts, including a new head, feet, and weapons!

These pieces were actually developed many months ago, but we are just getting around to releasing them now as part of our “Woodhaven” series. Specifically, these are part of what we imagined as the second series for that property, which we are calling “The Swamps of Woodhaven”.

Our sneak peek sale will include this fun head, which works wonderfully on a Mythic Legions goblin body, as well as these super cool feet which were sculpted by Walter DeMarco of MASS Customs. As for weapons, we will have the cool Lochwoggle sword! The shield shown below is an early look at one of the parts that will be available when this full series is offered!

The pic above shows these parts painted by Timothy Peek. Timothy did an amazing job on some of these parts that I sent him early to see what he would come up with! I also sent some sets to a few others to help me test them out, and I was blown away by the cool recipes they came up with! Here are some examples of Lochwoggles painted by Anthony Houseal, myself, and Jeremy Girard. These show the Lochwoggle parts painted with green, but with a few different recipe ideas! (Note - you can also see a reveal of yet another future Lochwoggle weapon in these photos - the cool "spear topper" piece which will work with a standard Mythic Legions spear handle! That will also be offered for sale in the future).

One of the really cool things about these parts is you can get super creative in terms of the colors used! The photos below show some customs from Patrick Boyle which took inspiration from different kinds of frogs for the colors and patterns used on the characters.

While the full “Swamps of Woodhaven” series will eventually include more characters and the items teased in the photos, it will not be available for a bit. In the meantime, these Lochwoggle pieces will be for sale in our “Sneak Peek” sale which will happen at the end of this month! Stay tuned for more reveals from this sale soon!

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sebastien leduc
sebastien leduc
Sep 20, 2020

Absolutely love it! Will this be offered painted? If so, i will find myself a new goblin body ASAP!!!

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