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New Items Added - Including the Trolephant!

We have just added a number of brand new, never-before-released custom parts to! Leading the charge on these new pieces is the insane troll-scale Trolephant from Jeremy and Walter! This thing is a beast and is printed in multiple parts (head, ears, and tusks are separate pieces). Due to the time and materials needed to make these Trolephant heads, these are print-to-order and any orders with these parts will take an extra 1-2 weeks to fill.

Besides the Trolephant, we also have a number of new pieces that are all IN STOCK and ready to go - including a new vampire head from Emil (in both 1.0 and ogre-scale), some new weaponry, a new owl mask insert and bird head topper, and a variety of new heads to outfit your Legions, including those All Stars 5 figures which are hitting now!

Check out the shop and see all that we have to offer, both new items as well as our extensive catalog of all original, artist-owned pieces.


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