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New Parts Sales Starts This Saturday (2/12/22)

It feels like it's been forever since we had a sale of brand new items here on Well, that all changes this Saturday as we drop a number of items from all of Team Wolf King's artists! We will also be bringing back many of our popular pieces for sale once again. Specifically, we will be focusing on offering items that will work with the recently released Mythic Legions: Legion Builder Reinforcements.

In terms of newly offered pieces, we will have the next two pieces from the Mudthump family of goblins by Emil Wickman and Lord Steven Biesiada. These will include the big brother of the Mudthump family, BoBo, Jr. (meant for use with a dwarf figure) and the matriarch of the family - Mama Mudthump! Of course, the rest of the Mudthumps will also be back so you can get the entire family together (perfect for using some of the Legion Builder goblin figures!).

The popular God's Fire series will also be making a return. The Believer and his team will all be offered in this sale, as will the villains of the story - ideal parts for those extra Templars and Barbarians! We will also have a new character from this storyline making it's debut - the Crucible Knight!

From the team of Jeremy "Mythic Customs" Girard and Walter "MASS Customs" DeMarco we have a number of sets, including the Flying Fox pieces that Jeremy showed off awhile ago. These will including two head options (the standard version and the "aviator" variant), as well as a set of feet for these characters.

The popular "mouse kits" will be back, along with a new part from that set - the "hooded" mouse head! The parts (head, plus hands and feet) can be used with a goblin figure to make the smaller-scale mouse customs. Using those same parts, this sale will also introduce the first of our "gnome" parts - including the tinker gnome (plus wrench accessory) and a "halfling" set complete with fur-topped feet (pics coming soon)!

Speaking of MASS Customs, his "skeleton torso" has become one of our most popular pieces, and we are not only bringing back a limited amount of those, but we also have a new skeleton torso from this artist in this sale as well (shown below in the middle image)!

Rounding out the sale of new parts with be a new skeleton head (which works great with those torsos), our Sea King head, and perhaps some other small goodies!

As for other returning items, expect some additional skeletons, Kitsune foxes and other items that will help fuel your custom creations. The sale starts this Saturday (2/12/22) at 3pm EST. Oh - and we WILL have some painted parts in this sale, including some parts from some painters we are very excited to be working with for this sale - Dru Grubbs (painting Gnomes and Halflings) and Melissa Somerville (painting Flying Foxes)! Jeremy will be doing a very limited number of painted mouse kits and Kitsune. As always, these painted parts will be very limited, so if you are interested in those, make sure to grab them at the start of the sale or risk missing out!

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