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Painted Items Being Added to our "In Stock Sale" Today at 3pm EST!

Our year-end "in stock" sale is going strong! Thank you to all our fans and supporters who have placed orders so far. Those orders are being packed and should be on the way shortly! The final orders from our November sale are also being processed and will be out very soon.

One thing we had not added to this current sale were painted pieces, and we did hear from some fans who really love those options. Well, good news - we dug into our vaults and found a handful of painted items that we had left over from previous sales, as well as a handful of items that we had planned to offer in a future sale. Knowing that you want these items now, these pieces will be added to the sale today at 3pm EST! Like the rest of the sale, these items are in-stock and will ship quickly (our goal is within a week).

Remember, these painted pieces we are adding are SUPER limited, In some cases we only a single one to offer, so if you see something you want, we suggest you grab it fast before it sells out!

Finally, we did hear the requests from people who missed out on our brand new "Sninch" head. At 3pm, we will also be adding a small quantity of unpainted Sninch heads! This is the last batch of these we will be adding, so once again, do not wait on these if you need a Sninch for your collection!

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