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Preorder Sale this Saturday (4/16), including the Debut of Tribal Lands!

We are excited to announce a preorder sale drop at this coming Saturday, 4/16/22 at 3pm EST. We will have a number of new and returning items availble for preorder, but the big debut is the new Tribal Lands series from Lord Steven Biesiada!

If you were at the Zolocon show in February, you got to see the Tribal Lands parts on display, and we even had a limited number for sale at the show. This weekend, Tribal Lands makes its first appearance on our website and we will have 3 characters from that series available! We will also have a very limited number of painted Tribal Lands parts from Lord Steven himself!

If you have followed our work here at Wolf King Customs, you know that we are very much into series of characters and parts, and Tribal Lands is poised to be our next exciting ongoing series. It all starts this weekend!

Speaking of series, in addition to Tribal Lands, we will have a number of other series represented in this sale:

- The entire Akupara series of turtle parts from Jeremy "Mythic Customs" Girard will once again be available for sale!

- The popular God's Fire series from Emil Wickman and Steven will also have new entries with the main villain, Lord Poroso making his debut! The Acolyte head and pauldron armor and a new ogre-scale version of the Pain Monger will also be available, as will Mugtug the dwarf.

As for other brand new items, Jeremy's snub-nosed monkey hands and feet will be available for the first time, as will a skeleton version of our popular "Ponce" head. Oh - and we will have a VERY limited number of the amazing "Troll with saddle" custom head from MASS Customs. That head made a BIG impression at Zolocon, and we have had numerous requests for it to be released. Well, this Saturday is the day that it happens - but due to the massive size of that monster, we will only have a handful for sale and we expect they will go fast!

All of these items are up for sale starting THIS weekend! As usual, this is a preorder sale and it will take 4-6 weeks from the end of the sale for fufillment. The sale will last approx. 1 week. Thanks for your support of Wolf King Customs and our 100% original, artist-created and owned parts!

(Below are 3 of the characters from Tribal Lands - Oogaloo, the Bear Warden, and Tuddor Longpocket. These will all be avalable this coming weekend)

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