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Say "Hello" to the Mudthumps!

From the team of Steven Biesiada and Emil Wickman comes their next collaboration - the goblin family known as the Mudthumps!

Who are the Mudthumps? Here's a little background information:

The Mudthump’s are a vile family led by a matriarch simply known as Mama Mudthump. She and her deceased husband left their goblin clan to seek out fortune alone years ago. Through treachery and scandal, they were able to obtain not only great financial success, but also prominent political prowess. After the passing of her late husband, Mama now relies on her children and extended family to protect the family's interests through any means necessary.

So which of the Mudthumps will we see in our July 10th sale?

First we have Lokko. He is the youngest brother in the family. He’s wild and unruly and the family treats him like a dog. This fun head will include a collar!

Next we have Loona. She is the oldest sister and is smart and witty. To accompany this female goblin head, we also have a custom torso that works great with it!

Kreizi is a cousin to the Mudthumps. He’s a bit of country goblin, complete with a questionable hair style (yes, we are making a goblin with a mullet).

We will also have a set of goblin feet, as well as the original goblin torso we've offered in our last two sales.

What about some weapons? Yup, the Mudthumps will have their very own custom weapons, including a goblin axe and a pair of goblin short swords.

Finally, we have an ogre scale head for this set that we call MoMo. He is an ogre that Mama found in the swamp as a baby and raised as her own. Actually a species known as aa Crowned Ogre, these giant brutes are mostly docile, but when agitated can have pretty extreme temper tantrums.

All of these parts will be available for sale as unpainted pieces in the July 10th sale. They will all be limited in quantities available, so get in early if you want a piece of the Mudthumps!

Look for more Mudthump characters to be added in the future! We also hope to have painted parts for all these characters in a future sale as well. In the meantime, you can also check out more of the Mudthumps' story right here.

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