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Sept 4 - Brand New Parts & Returning Favorites

The next sale date for Wolf King Customs is set for Saturday, Sept 4. starting at 3pm EST. We are doing some fun stuff in this sale that we want you to know about and get excited for, including digging deep into our catalog of parts to bring back some old favorites that newer Legions fans may not yet have had a shot at grabbing!

First off, the ultra-popular "Angel Knight" head from Emil Wickman and Steve Biesiada's "God's Fire" series will be back and it will NOT be limited this time. In our last sale we put a cap on all items to ensure production times could be met, and the Angel Knight sold out in minutes! For anyone who missed out, this next sale is your chance to grab one (or two, or judgement here. It is meant to be an army builder, so feel free to stock up!).

We will also once again be offering some of the other items from our last sale, including the Loona head and torso from the Mudthumpps family of goblins and the gargoyle heads from Jeremy Girard and Walter DeMarco. We are hearing lots of people regret passing on those gargoyle heads now that they are seeing others gets them in hand, so we are bringing them back for another sale to give you another shot!

As for brand new items, this sale will actually only have a handful of brand new pieces since we are focusing more on that back catalog we mentioned. That being said, the new pieces we do have are super cool! These include a new female warrior head that is part of the "God's Fire" series, a horned dwarf-like character, as well as an ogre-scale bear head and set of feet! These are all sculpted by Emil Wickman.

For all our critter fans - from the team of Jeremy and Walter, we have two new entries in the "Burrows of Woodhaven" set, including a rabbit with his ears tied into a samurai-like bun, and the creepy mockery of nature known as the Wopletinger!

As for my own parts and designs, we will offer another member of the Mysfyts of Kaos crew that I have developed alongside my friend Patrick Boyle. This time we will have the head for the goblin Squall, who is the ship's quartermaster, along with his ancient anchor weapon. Both of these were sculpted by Gianluca Circiello based on my designs. We will also have a set of custom pauldrons sized for 2.0 figures that I designed and fully sculpted!

OK, so let's talk about that back catalog. Some returning favorites will include the Squid Head character, the "hand claws" weapon, our sword scabbard (fits a Legions small sword and plugs into a character's back), the MWIGTKM cleaver weapon, the Wulvven wolf heads and feet, the God's Fire Pain Monger head, and all the super popular Kitsune parts. This includes the original heads (regular and hooded insert), the "snarling" versions, the Kitsune Shadow Ninja Commander, and back by popular demand - the Kitsune fox tail! We spent some time reworking how we printed that tail to try to make it a bit lighter while remaining durable and we are happy with the end result and excited to offer them in the store once again!

Oh, and as for our customers who focus on painted parts. We will have painted versions of many of our brand new items, as well as painted options for some of our returning favorites. We will even have a small number of painted pieces for items we have sold in recent sales but did not offer painted previously - so if you are a painted fan, be on the lookout for those, but remember they will be limited, so grab them early!

That's all for now. We hope to see you back here on Sept 4 for what we expect will be a very fun sale with a crazy amount of variety to get excited for!

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