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The Angels Arrive in God's Fire

The God's Fire series from Emil Wickman and Steven Biesiada has become a favorite among Mythic Legions fans and customizers. That series continues in our July 10th sale with some new additions to the ultra-popular character of The Fallen!

First off, no warrior is complete without his weapon. We will have a custom sword meant specifically to pair with the Fallen character.

As mighty as the Fallen is, he does not go into battle alone. At his back are the elite soliders known as the Angels. Decked out in ornate battle helmets, these noble warriors fight alongside the forces of God's Fire as the seek to rid the world of unnatural evils!

This sword and head will be available as limited, unpainted pieces in our July 10th sale. That sale kicks off at 3pm EST, and since ALL parts in the sale are limited, we fully expect some sellouts! If you want to to grab the first run of these God's Fire parts, or any of the amazing items we have been showing over the past few weeks, you will want to hit that sale early. While it will run for at least a week, we know not every piece will make it to the end - so get in early and get yours before they are gone.

Below are a few examples of this head painted. The one on the left is by Steven, and the one on the right is by Jeremy. These show some alternate color ideas that could be used on this awesome piece!

THANK YOU for your continued support of Wolf King Customs. On behalf of all the artists involved in this sale, we look forward to seeing what you will do with the new custom pieces! See you Saturday.

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