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The Gargoyles are Coming!

If you watched Jeremy's "Mythic Conversations" show this week, you saw him debut some exciting new parts that will be coming to our July 10th sale - a pair custom Gargoyle heads!

These heads were designed by Jeremy and sculpted by Walter "Mass Customs" DeMarco (those two make a crazy good team). Jeremy showed these heads painted like stone gargoyles (see above - the figure to the far left is Jeremy's original gargoyle custom. The other two show the custom heads on some of his new customs!), but he also showed them with some alternate paint applications, including a pair of vampire creatures (below).

As if stone gargoyles and vampiric monsters weren't cool enough, Jeremy also showed these heads as demons, painted blue and red to match the Lord Draguul and Helphyre Demon figures!

These heads will be available unpainted in the July 10th sale, and Jeremy will also be doing a very limited amount of them in both vampire decos and demon colors!

Remember, ALL parts in the July 10th sale will be limited. This includes unpainted parts! So if you want some of these gargoyles for your own collection, be sure to hit the sale early!

Stay tuned for lots more upcoming sale reveals to come!

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