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TONS of New Items Dropping in Our 6/11/22 Sale!

Our next preorder sale for "Camp Wolf King", which begins on Saturday 6/11/22 at 3pm EST, is one of the biggest we have done to date! If you have been following our posts on Instagram or in our Wolf Den Facebook group, then you have seen the incredible variety of parts that the artists of Team Wolf King have brought out for this sale. We have samurai, skeletons, barbarians, kings, spartans, ogres, armor, weapons, and a whole bunch of critters ready to hit your collections and help fuel your Legions customizing projects! The photo below shows some of these new parts, including:

- The Shujin samurai head, armor and sword from Emil Wickman!

- The "Triock" ogre head from Steven Biesiada and Emil!

- Two new Tribal Lands parts from Steven, including the King of Athacor and the Athacorian Guard set with a new head, armor, shield, and mace!

- Steven's first-ever head he sculpted - Coogeye!

- An amazing set of barbarian bracers, torso, waist piece, and axe from Walter DeMarco, aka MASS Customs.

- The latest "mouse kits" from Walter and Jeremy Girard, including the Dead Mouse and the Wizard Mouse, plus new "casting" hands for those kits!

- The long-awaited Wally the Beaver head and log hammer from Jeremy and Walter.

- Dwarven skeleton heads!!!

- A very limited amount of the Altair bird head and feet for ogre-scale figures.

- A brand new Spartan-style helmet from Emil!

- New critter clawed feet from Emil as well.

- The FULL set of the "Burrows of Woodaven" rabbit parts making a return!

These are just SOME of the items we will have available as unpainted parts! We will also have a small number of painted mouse kits and beavers from Jeremy.

Please be aware that this sale is a PREORDER and it will run for approx 1 week. Orders will be filled in approx 4-6 weeks once the sale is done.

Summer is almost here and Camp Wolf King has you covered for your summer customizing projects! We have a number of other cool new items on tap, and more big announcements soon - but to start we have this sale on 6/11/22! We thank you for your support and can't wait to see what you make with these items!

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