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Welcoming Emil Wickman!

Earlier this week I posted a fun teaser of an upcoming project along with the phrase "Something EVIL this way comes". Well, if you look at the homepage now, you will see that the word EVIL has changed a bit, the V has become an M, changing that message to say "Something EMIL this way comes!" That's right, we are excited to announce our that Swedish customizer, sculptor, and artist Emil Wickman will now be offering his creations exclusively on Wolf King Customs! As part of this announcement, we are also thrilled to show the first product we will be offering from Emil - a vicious looking ogre scale head.

This head will be available for pre-order starting on Saturday, June 20th. We will also have some additional parts available that same sale. Stay tuned for more details on what will be offered, as well as some painted photos of this amazing ogre-scale head so you can see the possibilities of how cool this looks on a figure.

As for our future releases from Emil, brace yourselves for some amazing pieces! Emil has been sculpting like a madman, creating some incredible new pieces and updating some of his older sculptures. We plan to have an entire sale of Emil's creations in the near future.

Please help us welcome Emil to Wolf King Customs, and stay tuned for lots more news and new products soon!

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Hans Speycken
Hans Speycken
Jun 20, 2020

WoW Emil,Great Evil creations things


May 29, 2020

Welcome, Emil! You ROCK! Can't wait to add your items to my collection! :)

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