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Welcoming Manny the Mantis

We've been sharing pics of this guy on social media for the past few days, and he officially made his debut during the "Team Wolf King Holiday Special", but we also wanted to gather some of those photos together here on the blog to showcase this awesome new head/neck set. Say "hello" to Manny the Mantis!

This set was designed by me and sculpted by Walter DeMarco (MASS Customs). It was actually a project that we completed in mid-2000, but for one reason or another its release kept getting delayed. Thankfully we are finally ready to release him - and based on feedback so far, fans are excited for this set!

The photos above show this set painted by Jeremy "Mythic Customs" Girard and used on a Mythic Legions Steel Knight Legion Builder and an Elf Warrior Legion Builder. Both of those figures are readily available right now, and they make for easy base figures to use with these. Of course, you can also go crazy and do something much more complex as well. The photo below is another of Jeremy's creations - his 4-armed Thri-Kreen warrior! He hasn't even shared this publicly yet, so this is a first-look at this custom.

As great as this new head looks on Mythic figures, it can also be used on other toy lines as well. Below are some examples of the Mantis head on a handful of Mezco One:12 Collective figures (Goldmez, House of the Golden Skulls ninja, Judge Dredd, Agent Gomez, Iron Man Stealth Armor).

I also popped an unpainted version of this head on a DC Alfred Figure, an old Lord of the Rings toy, and a Mezco Diabolik/Snake Eyes custom, really showing the scale and versatility of this new piece.

Manny the Mantis is a two-part set with a head and a neck made for 2.0 Legions. It will be available for sale starting on Saturday, January 23rd at 3pm EST and it will be offered as an unpainted set, as well as a limited run of painted parts from Jeremy.

Stay tuned for more reveals from our January sale and beyond!

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