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Wolf King Customs Is Now a Four Horsemen Retailer

Updated: May 3, 2023


WKC is now an approved retailer of Four Horsemen Studios.

What does the mean? It means one stop shopping for all of your figure AND custom parts needs.. It means Pre-Orders and In-stock availability of Cosmic and Mythics direct from our super secure website.

It means we are just tying ourselves into the community and our relationship with the studio even more than ever before. Doubling down on the greatest toy line on the market!

Why pre-order from WKC?

Frequent Buyers Club. The wkCoins let you earn rewards points on EVERY purchase. Redeemable in the rewards shop Flat rate $8 domestic shipping on pre-order figures **

  • A reliable, professional website to order from. With purchase confirmations, tracking numbers and multiple communication access points. And our normal fast and secure shipping. *

  • Pre-Order a Wolf King All In and get a bonus surprise box of uniquely curated parts for that wave. Minimum $150 (varies by wave) in value, early access to the parts months before they hit the shop!

  • Look for WKC Bonus sets, special character combos that come with special parts sets to compliment them. (ex.. Pre-order the two dwarfs from AS6, get 2+ of our dwarf specific custom parts free).

  • We have been a trusted name in the toy community for many years. We not only do business here, we live the collectors life.



Let us answer some questions for you….

Q: How do the pre-orders work?

A: The pre-order system works the same as many other shops. When the new wave becomes available to us to offer at pre-order we will make an item for each pre-order figure on the website. The page will have all the information about the figure including est shipping time etc.

We require just a small amount down as a non-refundable deposit, this is paid by adding the pre-order to your cart as you would any other item we offer. In order to not charge a shipping cost we treat the pre-order as a digital file (the file is just a jpeg saying thanks). Once you check out you will receive an email order confirmation. Your deposit purchase counts toward our reward program, any free items such as bonus 3D parts will ship with the figures.

Fast forward to the wave arrival…. You will receive an email invoice from us with the items listed and the amount due plus shipping. This can be paid through our normal check out system portal via our website. You will also receive your WKCoin loyalty points once the invoice is paid.

If you make multiple orders of the same wave, ALL orders will be on one invoice and ship together.

Q: Wll the WKC rewards program (WKCoins) work with pre-orders and in stock orders?

A: Yes. for every $1 you will earn 5 WKCoins.

  • The wkCoins let you earn rewards points on EVERY purchase. Redeemable in the rewards shop on things such as:

    • One time use coupon codes for percentage discounts or cash savings*

    • Free swag, like shirts, pins or stickers

    • Free custom parts

    • And more being added

Q: Will you offer in stock figures or only Pre-Orders?

A: We plan on offering MANY in stock figures, not just Legions but other adjacent lines.

Q: What is the deal with shipping?

A: Flat rate $8 domestic shipping on pre-order figures. This will be on your invoice once we charge. All-Ins or just 2-3 figures…Flat rate $8. This may be through UPS or USPS. This is only for USA shipping. For international orders we will charge actual rates using USPS. For pre-order figures, international shipping will be sent in a separate invoice after we send the final figure charge (and receive payment)

Q: What are these bonus parts bundles you spoke of:

A: WKC Bonus sets are a fun way to give our loyal customers that pre-order with us early access to cool new parts that we custom curate for the wave (in the case of all-ins) or one or two figure bundles. These would be special character combos that come with custom 3D printed parts sets to compliment them. (ex.. Pre-order the two dwarfs from AS6, get 2+ of our dwarf specific custom parts free). Or another example.. Take advantage of our pre-order all in bundle, and get a bonus head and weapon for each figure in the wave. For now these will be un-painted, but if the concept proves popular we will look into a painted option.

Go direct to our Legions Shopping Page Here

* Spend $1 to get 5 WKCoin parts… Redeem 500 WKCoins for a $5/per order coupon, or redeem WKCoins on other rewards, such as %15 off custom parts coupons, free swag and free parts!

**all pre-orders from the same wave are invoiced as one order and ship together

All rewards and bonuses are given at the time of payment. Pre-Order payments do count toward WKCoins… . All pre-order deposits are non-refundable . All Pre-Orders require a small non-refundable deposit. Once the balance is due on your pre-order, you will receive an email invoice from our website system This will let you pay the balance securely and quickly.WKC does not auto-charge preorders, you must check your emails for updates.

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